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Tiny Baking with my Tiny Chef

By March 3, 2021October 19th, 2021Eats, Lifestyle

I’m always looking for good gifts for my kids. I hate getting the kind of gift that ends up getting played with once and is never seen from again.  The good gifts are the ones that keep popping up and getting played with all throughout the year.  When my daughter asked for a Tiny Baking Kit for Christmas, I assumed it would be one of those “play with it once” kind of toys.  Oh was I ever wrong. This Tiny baking kit is one those gifts that makes its way out to our kitchen every so often for a full day of tiny baking fun.

Tiny Baking

Our tiny baking set made its most recent appearance for my husband’s birthday.  My husband doesn’t eat a lot of sugar or carbs, so we usually don’t make a cake.   But since we needed to put a candle on something to sing happy birthday, my daughter had the idea to make a “tiny” birthday cake this year.    The cake itself was just about the size of a quarter.  After it was cut into fourths, it was nothing more than a tiny taste of birthday bliss. I have linked our Tiny Cooking kit  right here if you have a little chef in your life who might also be keen on making tiny creations.

The kit comes complete with all the “tiny” baking essentials like a silicone baking pan, rolling pin, and wee-spoons.  It also includes a cook book with recipes that range from vanilla cupcakes to deep dish pizza.  Don’t be surprised if before long  you find yourself humming the song “Le Festin” from Ratatouille while you scurry around the kitchen whipping up your latest tiny concoction.  If your interested in making regular sized sweet treats check out my recipe for Pecan English Toffee.

Birthday Cake
Tiny baking
Tiny Baking


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