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Growing your own Plumeria Tree

By April 25, 2021October 4th, 2021Lifestyle

Plumeria is one of my favorite tropical flowers.  You can find plumeria trees blooming all over the Hawaiian islands.  It’s a simple, yet elegant flower that emits the sweetest of aromas.  I was ecstatic when I first learned that I can grow my very own plumeria tree from just a cutting.   I made it a mission of mine to collect a variety of cuttings before heading back home from Maui.  You can find plumeria cuttings pre-cut and packaged at Hawaii’s airports or nurseries.  You can also trim them from a tree yourself. (Just make sure to get permission first). Follow these tips and you can grow your own plumeria tree in no time.

If you are collecting the cutting yourself,  be aware that it should be taken from the branch while the tree is still dormant. Winter or early spring is the best time to collect cuttings.  You really only need to take about 12-18 inches off the end of the branch.  Remove any leaves except for the ones on the tip.  The cutting will now need to to cure or dry out for a couple of weeks.  I usually keep it in a ziplock bag, slightly open, while it is drying out. This keeps the branch protected, yet well ventilated.  You should wait until the cut end of the branch completely callouses over before planting.

Once the branch is ready to be planted, use a pot with drainage holes, and fill it with a cactus/palm or succulent mix soil. Next, use pruning shears to snip off the bottom inch or so of the branch. It’s best to then dip the cut end into a rooting hormone powder to help encourage healthy and faster root growth. From here you just stick the branch a few inches deep into the soil.  I give it a good watering and sit it in a warm dry spot. (Remember not t0 over water the plumeria which can lead to root rot.). The branch should take root anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.  After that you should have the start to your very own beautiful, little, plumeria tree.

flower on cactus

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