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Rain, Rain, Go Away

By December 11, 2019February 25th, 2020Lifestyle

Do you get a case of the blues when the weather turns crummy?  I have been known to get a little moody when I go more than a couple days without the sun. Here in the bay area we are officially in the rainy season, and we have been seeing our share of gloomy days lately. Between the lack of sun and trying to get ready for Christmas, I am starting to feel a bit tired and frayed.  After the holidays are over and the twinkle of the Christmas lights are gone, I find that it’s even easier for me to fall into a winter slump, especially if the weather stays cold and gloomy. I am always looking for new ways to beat the winter blues and today I may have come upon an easy idea.

Today my daughter and I had an hour to kill before we picked up my son from school. Instead of going home and diving into our regular dull routine, I decided she and I were going to do something different. Today I was going to battle the blues. For the last week, we have been running from the house to the car and vise versa to do our best to stay out of the rain. Well, today we were going to do just the opposite. I packed my daughter in the car and we spent the next hour at a nearby park splashing in puddles between the rain showers. We came back home more than a little soaked, but it was well worth it.  I think it is amazing how getting outside for even just a little bit can brighten your mood no matter how dreary the weather may be.  I will have to remind myself of this the next time I am feeling down and blue.  What is something you do to beat the winter blues?  I would love to hear from you.

Rainy Day
Rainy day
Red umbrella

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