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Disneyland’s Silhouette Studio: The Perfect Souvenir

By December 2, 2023December 6th, 2023Disney, Travel
Disney Silhouette

Disney’s Silhouette Studio

During our recent Disneyland adventure, my family had the pleasure of discovering one of the park’s most treasured gems: Disneyland’s Silhouette Studio. This enchanting experience not only captured our profiles but also immersed us in a piece of Disney history.

The Silhouette Studio opened the day after Disneyland’s grand opening in 1955. It is a cherished attraction that connects us to a bygone era. Silhouettes, an art form that gained immense popularity in the 18th century, reached their peak in the 19th century. These delicate black-and-white profiles skillfully captured the essence of a person or subject, making them treasured keepsakes.

Silhouette Disney

Works of Art

Today, the skilled artisans at Disneyland’s Silhouette Studio continue this tradition, crafting ever so quickly custom-made silhouettes with meticulous care and precision. Each silhouette is a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into its creation, transforming it from a mere souvenir into a genuine work of art.

Don’t Forget Fido

For pet lovers, it gets even better—Disneyland’s Silhouette Studio can capture your beloved pets too! All you need to bring is a profile photo of your furry friend, and they’ll skillfully render a silhouette that’s just as cherished as any human portrait.

Just 90 Seconds

Despite its popularity and long lines, the experience is well worth the wait.  We waited for about 45 minutes, but once we got in, things started to speed up.  While you sit, the talented artists work swiftly, completing each silhouette in just 90 seconds!  So, if you find yourself at Disneyland, don’t miss out on this heartwarming experience—it’s not just a souvenir; it’s a piece of Disney magic, including your beloved pets, to cherish forever!

Silhouettes cost $11.99.  You can get them framed for an additional cost or you can do what we did which was buy the frames separately at the end of the night. This kept us from having to carry the frames around all day through the parks.   It’s worth noting that you do need a valid Disneyland ticket to get into the park to visit the Silhouette Studio.  If you want to read more about some of our Disneyland experiences check out my post on the Bibbidy Bobiddy Boutique.

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