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Watermelon Mint Salad

By August 4, 2021October 19th, 2021Eats
Watermelon Mint Salad

Watermelon mint is a new flavor combination for me.  I’d never even heard of it until I had a watermelon mint flavored sparkling water.  As soon as I tried it I was hooked, and I knew I wanted more of that flavor combo.  Luckily, I had a watermelon in the fridge and fresh mint growing in my herb garden out back. Right away I started making the watermelon mint salad that I knew would be a new summer favorite in our family.  It’s super fast and easy to make.  I love that there’s a crisp burst of flavor delivered to to your taste buds in each bite.   I hope you enjoy watermelon mint salad as much as we do.  If you are looking for other fabulous fruity dishes check out my recipe for grilled pineapple.


Watermelon Mint Salad

Watermelon Mint Salad

A refreshing and easy summer salad
Prep Time 20 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine American


  • 3 cups cubed watermelon
  • 1/4 cup Freshly chopped mint
  • 1/2 cup Blueberries
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 1 Lime


  • Cut the watermelon into small cubes and place into bowl.
  • Chop and add the mint.
  • Add blueberries.
  • Juice the lime and drizzle over the top of the salad.
  • Sprinkle in salt.
  • Gently toss and enjoy. If the watermelon wasn't previously cool, I pop the salad into refrigerator for about 15 minutes to chill.
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Watermelon mint

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