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Disney Girl’s Trip

By September 20, 2021March 10th, 2022Disney, Travel
Disneyland without the kids? It just seems so wrong. At least that is what I thought – until I tried it.   It’s so wrong it just might be right! I just returned from my first Disney girl’s trip, and there is just one word to describe it: magical. Going to Disneyland without kids is a completely different experience… and it can be magical if you follow a few of my tips.

What is This Madness?

I love going to Disneyland with my kids, but a Disney girl’s trip is a different experience.   You get to do what you want, when you want to do it. Basically, it’s all about you!  When you go to Disneyland with the kids, you are the “mom” with all the “mom duties.”  When you go without the kids, you’re just a carefree gal ready to have some fun and spend time with your friends at Disneyland. While I wouldn’t trade time at Disney with my kids for anything, well, I now will make a point of scheduling some kid-free Disney time too.
Over three days of Disney bliss I ate at the fancy restaurants, I enjoyed a cocktail here and there, rode all the rides I wanted to ride (but never get to), and shopped until I dropped.  I did all of this without any guilt what so ever. No, “Another store? I’m so tired.” No, “That’s too scary for me, let’s go on Dumbo again.”  No, “I don’t want to eat that, do they have Kraft Mac & Cheese?” None of that. It was wonderful.
Carthay Circle
Here are some of the things that made this Disney Girl’s Trip so much fun, and why I would definitely do it again. As often as possible.

Kid-Free Tips

Splurge on the Hotel

After a long day in the parks it’s nice to have a swanky hotel room to come back to and unwind.  No roll-aways, kids shows, or gear thrown all over the room.  Since you are most likely splitting the cost of the room with a pal, this is a time you can spend a little bit more and get something that fits your tastes and budgets. Heck, live it up and get your own room! We got a wonderful deal at the luxurious JW Marriott.  It was no more than a 15 minute walk, and was a perfect place to rest and recharge.  The rooms were very spacious, modern and wonderfully comfortable.

Eat at the Fancy Restaurants

This is the time to do it since you won’t have your little picky eaters with you. Gone is having to find restaurants with the “right” kind of mac & cheese or burgers.  We were lucky to get a walk -up reservation at Carthay Circle one evening for dinner.  It’s my favorite restaurant in California adventure.  It’s beautiful, elegant, and the food is to-die-for.   Bonus:  it’s a great spot to sit and chat with your bestie over a few glasses of wine.

Dress Up and Buy the Photo Pass

Living in the era of Instagram, who doesn’t love being a part of a fun photo? We bought a photo pass for the day and had a blast with the photographers all around the park.  Remember to ask them to “add some magic” to the photos — they know what this means.

Shop Until YOU Drop

I never get to shop when my family is with me… unless you define shopping as walking into a store, hearing groans, and rushing to be done.  Someone is usually complaining, whining or throwing a tantrum the whole time… but I love my husband anyway.  I took this kid-free opportunity to shop to my heart’s content.  I seriously don’t think there is a store we didn’t go into or shop we didn’t visit.

Do Everything YOU Want To Do

If I wanted to ride a ride, I rode it.  If i didn’t, I didn’t.  I know that sounds so simple, but with kids it’s never that simple.  Ride those rides and do those activities you normally don’t get to ride or do. There is something special about not having to stand in line for a ride that you just don’t care about. So much less line-fatigue.

Set Your Own Pace

You can go as slow or as fast as you want. Have long legs like me? Use them. No more guilt when you turn to see your little kiddo, with tiny legs, having to move them three times as fast to keep up.  Disney has so much more to offer when you take the time to soak it all in.  I did more sitting and relaxing on this trip than I ever have in the past.  Sometimes it’s just nice to take the time to chat over a  cup of coffee with friends on main street. Ever notice how the scenery slowly changes as you move from one area of the part to another? Now you can… and it is one of the things that makes Disney magical.


Have a Spa Day

We didn’t get to do this on this trip as the spa at The California Grand was not open yet (bummer), but it’s definitely on my list for next time.  The above is exhausting… a good exhausting, but exhausting nonetheless. A little spa time would have really aided in my recovery. We walked like 26 miles or something crazy! Plus, who doesn’t love a good spa day?

Make Time For You

Honestly, I had such a wonderful time.  Me, my bestie doing Disney OUR way.  It’s one of those trips that I hope soon becomes a tradition.   As I said earlier, visiting Disney without kids is totally a different kind of experience, but it’s definitely just as magical!  If you want to read more about our Disney adventures check out These are the Droids you are Looking For.

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